Retail Development In Corporate Woods

Retail development is on the rise at the illustrious Overland Park in Kansas City. Corporate Woods plans on expanding and developing its office space for future businesses to thrive. The demand for property development, especially in a scenic area such as Overland Park, has been rapidly rising in the past 3 years.

Many business owners have cited Overland Park's cutting-edge office buildings, gorgeous view, and ample green space for activities as reasons to develop or expand there. There is great appeal for both workers who desire exercise and workers who desire social or family functions. Overland Park satisfies nearly every key business demographic.

Retail establishments such as specialty stores and eateries are expected to be built in the coming months. The entire Overland Park area is expected to become a hotbed of dining, services, and recreation. Development needs to ramp up in order to accommodate a rising demand.

Corporate Woods' efforts in property development have been crucial to stimulating the economy in Johnson County. Without a doubt, Overland Park has become an economic cornerstone to the county and its neighboring counties.

If you are a business owner wishing to seek retail development in Overland Park, contact Brent Roberts, CCIM. He can provide you with the information you need for a successful property development project.

Corporate Woods® has many opportunities to grow and thrive in Johnson County.

Development plans- Kansas City, KS- Corporate Woods Office Park


The detailed image reflects the future development plan for Corporate Woods® near Buildings 82 and 84.


For a map showing how these developments will look within the entire Corporate Woods® office park, click here Master Plan Feb 09.


For more information, contact:

Brent Roberts, CCIM, Senior Vice President, Office Specialist

Cassidy A. Mears, Vice President, Office Specialist